Abouttt Meee xD

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  • Well… Hiii Guys itsss Meee xD Nice to meet you all here.. Im a Fan of WYD! I’m sure you guys are too..=D hehe My Favourites character on wyddd is Foema Magic hehe xD its the best and its gooddd.. I have been playing wyd about 1 year now..and i think its the good game i have played so far..=D

Thanks Gm for making such a great game *thumbs Up* =]

  • One thing you have to becareful while Playing an Online Game such as WYD!! xD hehe u have to becareful of Scammer and Hacker.
  • To be honest with you guys.. My main just got scam yesterday and i feel really baddd! But thank god my friend came by and help me out hehe..=D I don’t know how did that happend but we were trading and suddenly this guy bug me with duelling and i lost all my item in trade… Grr i Hope he will never go farrr.. And guys never trust a newbie ppl.. Because im kind of Trusted person.. Trust only Your Friend!! xDD
  • Hacker is Reallly Bad people!! who plays unfair!! and try to cheat the game.. They do that because they tried to win this game easily..grr This remind me of my old friend of mine got Hacked. This is because he played in a CC aka cybercafe. There is a spyware in there that will record his account name and pasword . Then this guy just came in use his comp and the next day he tried to go into his account all item is lost.!! Let me tell you all Hacker You will never Win!! Come on Just be fair to each other =D

I hope you guys now will be really extremely carefull while playing wyddd!! xDD hehe the most important thing is Have funnn!! xD Byeeee


What to expect in MY blog xDD

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-Well I’m thinkin of some funny stories regarding wyd..

-maybe some cool pictures that you guys might love it!!

-Maybe some vids about wyd and tips about wyd that is really usefulll xD

Things that i learned in WYDIANS JOURNAL SEASON 1 xD

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Heeey guyssss… Gm and Cm.. hehe welcome to my own bloggy hehe.. i just started today.. hehe xD

Hehe.. actually im kind of new to the bloggy and i saw a couple of my friend participated it last month and they really creative at it..=D..andd i just saw the neeeew event today so i just take a chance to participate it hehe..

Well this is the trick… i heard from friend of mine that have been play wyd for ages..they said that the last season 1.. the winner won laks xDD and the grand winner wonn anct weps..! i was like woooow! *facepalm* i shud hav partcipated last month hehe xD

I hope that i can show you all my creativity making blogg, as my friends did.. hehe i hope i could win the laksss and maybe if im lucky ill win the anctt hehe xDD *gigles*

i will try my best to entertained all you guys and give tips about wyd xD Hope to see you guys around xD